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  1. GirlsCEO619

    HI Jean, I want to add a picture-how do I do that? Also I have a business phone number now which is 949-929-4065

    I am just now getting ready to download the modules. Hope to start this Friday night-I had bsn. items to get done before I could concentrate on it. Many thanks- Sylvia

    • Hi Sylvia,
      You should be able to upload a picture under “Edit Profile” menu option in the Menu Area. Hope that helps and have fun as you dive in!

  2. Hello Jean, Just got started with module #1 which was very valuable and I got a lot out of the funnel idea and not leaving people hanging! I’m excited to do my homework!
    I have a couple of questions that may be answered in later modules:
    1. What is a workshop? This may seem a strange question having signed up for your program! I have (as we all do) my understanding and ideas, but my definition may be too narrow and shaped by my experiences to date, so I wondered if you had a clear definition of a workshop please? Dictionary definitions focus on what they are, rather than what they produce.

    2. I love the idea of exceeding people’s expectations. What are some of the ways of discovering ahead of time what your audience expectations will be so that you can reliably exceed them?

    With appreciation

    • Hi Richard,
      Great questions. I define Workshop as a “working session” where the participants are doing the majority of the work vs. the presenter presenting. Distinct from a presentation where it’s flipped. I think of it as a session where people roll up their sleeves and get stuff done. Regarding your second question, it’s covered in a later module, but there are 3 questions I like to send out to people as soon as they register (this goes for public or private workshops) that provide me more information on their expectations:
      1. What motivated you to sign up? (If it’s a mandatory workshop that a company has paid for, this is not necessary)
      2. What is your biggest challenge regarding ?
      3. What would you like to get out of the workshop? What would make it a success to you?

      Hope that helps and so glad you are finding it valuable.

  3. The course was very helpful. I’d appreciate your answer to this question. My slides and sound play back correctly until I convert to video (Quicktime or mov). Apple tells me that there is a compatibility problem concerning Mac and PP. What program did you use? Did you use a PC? Thanks.

    • Hi Irene,
      How did you originally record the module? I used a PC with Camtasia and recorded PPT with a Blu Yeti Mic connected to my computer. I do remember experiencing challenges when I uploaded the video into Vimeo and I had to tweak with the different settings in Camtasia before importing. Can you find a converter that puts it into an .mp3 or .mp4? Feel free to email me directly at and we can resolve this.

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